La Chute

 "La Chute", meaning "the Fall" in french, but also is the name of the pieces of wood that stay when u already took the part that u use for furnitures. The wood parts of "La Chute" were done only with this pieces of wood lying in my atelier. Mix between Birch multiply wood and Paulownia wood

    Out of the woodparts, the bike had a lot of transformations:  

    A competition Daytona engine of 190cc builded and tuned by the best guy in France for this kind of engine, Stomp 777.

    A unique handmade swing arm able to fit with a dragster back tire on a 18' rim ( originally it's in 17') 

    An  other fork and front wheel coming from a honda dream repro. with a disc break. Also in 18' 

    Some racing handle bars with clean équipements 

    New footpegs and controls directly fixed on the swingarm and new hard springs. Its nearly a rigid frame feeling.

    The frame is still stock with a handmade back loop for the new seat fixations. 

    The tank is original and used, but i gave it a new place on the frame for a agressive design.

    A cool yellow front light through the "Smiley" and a tiny red back light on the seat

DA7D4008 F.jpg
DA7D4044 F.jpg