Who's Woodman ? 

 George Woodman, head of « GeorgeWoodmanGarage », a carpenter / furniture designer / interior architect, have a name does rather fitting of his chosen profession but it’s not the one he was born with.

   George took on the name as a kind of branding exercise and came to the custom scene with the idea to introduce his favorite material : wood, but not only, to give birth to his personal vision of motorcycle’s design.


Biarritz based, in a amazing atelier, George Woodman is creating his customizations as unique works of art with oldies like brand new motorbikes.

His first custom, "The Smoking Black Fish" on a 1929 FN is just entered in the famous "Haas Museum" in Dallas. 


   Go against the grain.




We’re seeing more builders using wood these days. And when it’s applied tastefully, it can soften a rugged look in just the right way. George Woodman is one of the pioneers of this trend.   

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