George Woodman Garage

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Who's Woodman ? 

George Woodman, head of "GeorgeWoodmanGarage" is a carpenter / furniture designer / interior architect, who have a name does rather fitting of his chosen profession but it's not the one he was born with. George took on the name as a kind of branding exercise and came to the custom scene with the idea to introduce his favorite material : wood. But not only.



We’re seeing more builders using wood these days. And when it’s applied tastefully, it can soften a rugged look in just the right way. George Woodman is one of the pioneers of this trend. "Bike-Exif"


Biarritz based, in a amazing atelier, George Woodman is creating his customizations as unique works of art with oldies like brand new motorbikes.

His first custom, "The Smoking Black Fish" on a 1929 FN is just entered in the famous "Haas Museum" in Dallas.